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Martian Media strives to break down the barriers that make a website a reality for start-ups and small business.

Out are expensive start-up fees, techie headaches, sub-standard service and support. Instead we offer fixed bills, no contracts, an unbeatable technical network, and a no hassles and no worries VIP support service.

We are excited to go into our services in more detail. You won’t find anyone else out there quite like us.



Find out what makes us so different.

Website Design 

  • Eye catching design

    Modern, stylish designs that are conversion based and aligned to your business. Win over your competitors customers!
  • Creative Solutions

    Planning and strategy for how the website will generate leads or process sales. 
  • Mobile Responsive

    Website design adapts to any device, ensuring optimal user experience across all mobile and desktop devices.


We develop stylish websites that are sleek, easy-to-navigate, modern and attractive. Whether you are a start-up or thriving small business, we are your team for overcoming the complicated process of designing and developing a great website.

Our attractive design sets brand and identity which is a key driver of your business’s perception, which these days starts on the internet. We are focused on creative and results-driven solutions that consistently deliver your brand’s message, generate leads, or process sales.



  • Always Up To Date

    If you need to change something on your website, update pricing or add a special sale or campaign we do it for you.
  • Efficient Process

    Professional, fast and reliable service. Updating your website is as easy as sending an email.  
  • All Taken Care Of

    We don’t charge you thousands up-front and then leave you to fend for yourself.


Your website needs consistent love and care, and it is critical that your website content stay up-to-date. However many do not have the time, the skills or the inclination to look after, edit or update their own website.

But we can make your life a whole lot easier! All the changes and updates are included in the monthly fee. Just send us an email and we take care of the changes for you.

There is no need to train or learn website systems. There is no instruction manual to misplace. There is no time wasted while you try to work out how to do something. There are no invoices for fixing mistakes.


No Lock-in

  • Fixed Price

    Our prices are fixed so you don’t have to worry about unbudgeted invoices for website changes, maintenance, or support.  
  • Easy Budgeting

    Budget your business much more effectively, managing payments by spreading them out over time.  
  • Cashflow Benefits

    Requires only a small monthly fee instead of a large fee upfront. 


The complete design, launch, and maintenance of your website is incorporated in the monthly payment and there are no obligations to continue with the website and if you no longer require it.

There are no minimum terms. If a website is only needed for a short amount of time or you are unsure your business needs a website this is your best option without paying for a full priced website. Don’t forget that it is tax deductable!



  • Top-Shelf Hardware

    Our best-in-class architecture and highly redundant systems sit over innovation driven technology.
  • Reliable Performance

    We offer the most reliable network available, with speeds that make sure your customers see your site load as fast as possible.
  • Software Updates

    We automatically scan for, and install, software upgrades on your site.


There is no point having a website if it is plagued by reliability problems, or is frustratingly slow for your customers. Instead of offering you generic, non-specialised hosting services like the others, we offer some of the best hosting services currently available today.

We’ll be monitoring your website and proactively responding to any possible problem. With highly redundant backup systems we can make sure your website is always available to your customers. It’s all included in your monthly fee!



  • VIP Customer Service

    You have the security of having an experienced web and hosting team constantly at your disposal.
  • No Extra Charges

    Contact us as often as you need to and you will never receive a bill. It’s all included as part of the service.
  • Daily Backups

    We automatically backup your website for you every day. All included as no extra charge.


Our friendly and dedicated service team provides professional, fast and reliable service, that delivers quality, personal support, every single time.

Unlimited Tech Support. At No Extra Charge. Other web companies charge hundreds of dollars to respond to problems on your website. Not us. Rest easy knowing that you will be looked after, and that there will be no surprises invoices at the end of the month.

A Fully Managed, Modern and Professional Website with Unlimited Help and Support For $69.00 Per Month.



Our internationally acclaimed logo designer will create your new online brand and identity.

Original, creative designs at the best price.


We register new domain names, or transfer and renew existing domains.

Unlike the others, no domain name will expire on our watch!


Additional services to propel your website up Google Page rankings.

Brought to you by a skilled and experienced team.

How We Work


A little about you

We find out as much as we can about your business, your business goals, audience, and your expectations of the website.

To do this we will send you a questionnaire that won’t take long to complete. As well as telling us about your customers, your products and your services, we’ll find out about your business identity and persona, to best match it with a website that will connect with your potential customers.

We will then assign you a Personal Account Manager who will manage your project from start to end, and be your point of contact if you need expert advice or help.


The Real Work Begins

We will then send you 3 -5 mock-up designs for you to select as your preferred design. We’ll send you reasons why we like each mock-up design and why it best suits your business and goals of the website.

You will receive details on where you will upload your photos and images. We’ll go through these and let you know if we need any more.

We will also request the text (copy) for your website. Writing for a website can be a daunting task, don’t worry we know!

We have plenty of tips and advice to help you choose the right photos and what to write down. Even though you know your business inside out you might draw a mental blank when it comes to actually siting down and writing about it. No stress! We have plenty of ideas to get you writing in a style that will entertain your customers, funnel them through the sales process, and improve your google ranking.

A New

Website Live & Everyone is Happy

The development of your website will take place over the next 10 days and you have many opportunities to review and test your website. The sooner you can send us your photos and text the sooner we can get started. The quicker you respond to our questions or requests for more information, the faster your website will be completed.

When your website has been fully tested, checked and reviewed we’ll seek your approval to launch your website making it ‘live’.

But the work isn’t over yet!

We Are

We Have Got You Covered

Websites need constant care and maintenance, and change is inevitable. Updating content, software upgrades and maintenance are all in a day’s work.

If you need us for anything we are here. Adding new products, sales or campaigns, updated information, no problems! Just send us an email or complete our online forms and we’ll have it done in a jiffy. Also be rest assured that we are constantly monitoring your website for performance and security.

The theme that runs through these processes is strategy and the desire for your website to achieve its goals, to help move your business forward, and to prosper in a competitive environment.

Updates And Support

Web Submission

We have a web submission form found here. Use this form to submit requests for changes to your website.

Customer Portal

Upon successful signup, we send you details to a customer portal. Here you can track progress of your website, submit changes, and request help directly into our ticketing system.

Email Us

If you are on the go and need to quickly request help or changes you can simply email support@martianmedia.com.au. Website changes made via email, it can’t get any easier than that!

Any Urgent Requests For Help Please Call 1300 717 703

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